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OTM partners with YOOSE to provide brands in Russia the latest in hyper-local mobile technology

February 24th 2014. YOOSE, the global hyper-local mobile ad network, has established a partnership agreement with OTM, a digital sales house in Russia, to bring YOOSE’s core services to major brand advertisers in Russia. Marketers will now have the opportunity to leverage YOOSE’s expertise in running hyper-local mobile display ad campaigns right from campaign planning, creative and message consultation to execution and post-campaign location insights.

Russia is one of the BRIC nations that are not only the new engines of global growth, but also the sources of the most dynamic changes in digital consumption in the world – a phenomenon that will only grow more pronounced over the next five years.

According to Jason & Partners Consulting, revenue from location-based services (LBS) in Russia will reach $121 million by 2016.1

The partnership is a strategic move for YOOSE to tap into the exciting Russian market and for OTM to become the leader in the hyper-local advertising market.

YOOSE has the highest quality inventory pool available with GPS-derived location data.

Christian Geissendoerfer,  CEO of YOOSE commented, “Innovation has always been a key value to us.”

He continued, “We constantly research and experiment with the goal of improving our location technology platform and service to meet advertiser’s high demand for mobile advertising.”

“In order to provide brands with diverse options in catching their target audience’s attention, we are always seeking new ways to engage consumers through new mobile advertising formats,” said Mr Geissendoerfer.

Confident of the growth in LBS space in Russia, Mr Geissendoerfer added, “Together with OTM’s expertise and presence in Russia, we are looking forward to the next phase of growth for YOOSE in this exciting part of the world as we drive innovation for the advancement of location-based services and mobile marketing.”

Dmitry Lazarev, CEO of OTM Russia, observed, “Delivering and adding value to unique mobile advertising experiences catered to the advertisers’ needs is YOOSE’s highest priority.”

He continued, “Our partnership with YOOSE allows us to take a leadership position and a large head start in offering this exclusive and unique service in Russia. It will also put hyper-local mobile on the map as far as advertising campaigns are concerned.”

As a fantastic start for this partnership, YOOSE and OTM together have launched a massive campaign around the Sochi Olympic Games to create awareness for the use of their free Wi-fi at the Games’ venues for a large telecom provider.

This campaign brings out beautifully the ‘hyper-local at scale’ as promised by YOOSE with over 5 million ad impressions in a span of 18 days for the city of Sochi alone.

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