Online Technology and Media

We have been successfully implementing projects in the field of mobile advertising and marketing in Russia and abroad since 2008. Over 10 years of work, we have conducted more than 3,500 campaigns and flights for 387 clients

Mobile App Promotion

Increase number of installations and user engagement


Connect to our SSP and monetize your project

360 ° digital advertising for business

Collect applications and leads, attract customers, even if you do not have a mobile site

Internet advertising

Attract users from different channels, including mobile Internet

OTM is:

Full Service Programmatic Team

One of the strongest programmatic trading teams in Russia.

Mobile Performance Team

A professional team to promote mobile products and achieve quality targets for advertising campaigns.

Full Stack Programmatic Platform

Fully own DSP, SSP, DMP, AdExchange, with support for Antifraud technology and Brand Safety and OTM Smart Switch


For which we conducted more than 4000 advertising campaigns in 14 countries

Our advantages:

  • 360 degree digital platform;
  • We have been working since 2008 according to the concept of “360 DEGREES MOBILE”;
  • Over 10 years of work, more than 4,000 campaigns and flights were conducted for 387 customers;
  • From the TOP 100 digital advertisers we have experience with 72;
  • We work with 28 digital agencies;
  • OTM in AdIndex Digital Ranking takes 3rd place among companies based on cooperation experience (Global Russian agencies)


Our Office:
127051, Moscow, Petrovka str. 26 block number 9